Subject: sneaky behaviour
From: Laura @
Date: 2:27 a.m. 4/2/99

Please can anyone tell me if there is a way I can clear the screen instantly from CIII because I want to play at work!! Thanks

Subject: Re: sneaky behaviour
From: Mindless Frankus @
Date: 2:39 a.m. 4/2/99

  In Reply to: sneaky behaviour posted by Laura on 2:27 a.m. 4/2/99:


Whilst neither condemning or condoning such a practice you can first open something else on your desktop, then launch C3. To change back just use the Alt-tab keys to go to the other application (Hold down the Alt key and press the Tab key). You should get a list of open applications when you do this so just keep pressing the Tab key (while still holding the Alt key) until the required program is highlighted, then release both keys.

Note this will not be instant as some things may have to be reloaded (such as the office toolbar), but should only be a few seconds on a P200 or faster.

C3 should then appear as an item on the start menu, which you can click to get back into the game.

Since this means you will be wasting several man-days at work, don't get caught. Also watch how you install the program if others have access to your machine, either directly or via a LAN. Try installing to a hidden directory and don't display hidden files in explorer.

Subject: Re: sneaky behaviour
From: Anonyomous @
Date: 9:19 a.m. 4/2/99

  In Reply to: sneaky behaviour posted by Laura on 2:27 a.m. 4/2/99:

That's dosen't look very nice thing to do, but I'll tell you how. You'll need to set your pixels to 800 x 600. When at game, just select the screen settings at the setting menu and change it to window resultion. Then when your boss passes by, just click on the 'hide' button. Hope this helps.

Subject: Re: sneaky behaviour
From: Ironrodicus @ Impressions
Date: 10:40 a.m. 4/2/99

  In Reply to: Re: sneaky behaviour posted by Mindless Frankus on 2:39 a.m. 4/2/99:


A word of caution: C3 requires a lot of system resources, so unless you have a pretty powerful PC, be sure that your "decoy" program is something fairly small. Trying to play C3 while Excel is open (for example) is probably not a good idea.

I can multitask C3 with just about anything, but I have a P-266 with 128 MB RAM. I wouldn't even attempt it on a P-100 with 32 MB.

BTW, here at Impressions we have the opposite problem. Sometimes, when we're SUPPOSED to be testing a game in development, we need to do something in Word or Excel. In such cases we keep the game minimized so that we can pop it up in a hurry if need be! This is the only job I've ever had where it's possible to get in trouble for NOT playing a game.