How a City's Prosperity Rating is Determined

Most of this data was obtained from a post made by SIM to the Heavengames Forum. It has all been common
knowledge, but SIM took the time and trouble to put it together in an easy-to-read format.


At the end of every year, the game calculates a city's prosperity level. This calculation is made as follows:

Let's say you have a city which contains:

The calculation would be:


(tents*5)+(large Insulae*65)+(G. Insulae* 80)+(L.Palaces* 1750)
# tents + # Large Insulae + # Grand Insulae + # Luxury Palaces


(5 x 50) + (65 x 100) + (25 x 80) + (3 x 1750)
50 + 100 + 25 + 3


14000/ 178 = 79



So let's say that last year your prosperity rating was 50. During this year you have gotten your city up to the above levels.Therefore in January your prosperity rating should be 79 right?


You will get a two point increase. Then the following point adjustments will be made:

Points are added if:

+2      Your city makes a profit. (Construction not counted)

+1       10% or more of your population lives in villas

+1        Less than 30% of your population lives in tents or shacks.

+1        Active Hippodrome

+1        Less than 5% unemployment.

+1        People below Grand Insulae have more than one type of food.

+1        You pay at least 2dn more than Rome's min wage.

Points are deducted if:

-1         City loses money.

-1         Unemployment rate is above 15%

-1         Your wages are below Rome's

-3         You go broke and Caesar bails you out.

-3         Failure to pay tribute

So your new prosperity level would be at most 60, and maybe less depending upon how the above conditions applied to your city.